Thanks to Mr Innes

1 Apr 2019
Thanks to Mr Innes Thanks for getting here, it is appreciated but you probably didn't take the trouble Mr Innes did.
Whils't on holiday in Russia he saw one of the Sovereign Chess Boards with Pieces and said he intended to buy but as it is an expensive product wanted to check availability and price before committing.
He took details of the product but  later lost these.  
Further on in his travels he visited the great wall of China and something on the wall led him to comment to an American that it reminded him of a Chess Set he has seen in Russia he liked but that he had lost the details of it.
The American considered the piece would probably be Italian as it was ornate and gave our gentleman the address of an American distributor whom he thought supplied this type of product saying they might be able to help.
On his return to the U.K. he contacted the American company but they did not stock the item, however they advised him it was of Italian origin and referred him to Italfama who accordingly directed him to Chessmove as their U.K. distributor.
The next part of his journey was the easiest, he had just moved from Cornwall to his new house in Newcastle which is 1 mile from our premises.
From Russia to China to America, Italy then the U.K.
He got here and we thank you for doing the same.

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1 Apr 2019
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Elo Rating Calculator

1 Apr 2019
ELO ratings are a guideline to the maximum playing strength of a chess computer or human player. The English ChessFederation abbreviate their ratings to ECF. By multiplying their rating by 8 and adding 600 gives a comparative ELO rating. The top Grandmasters having ratings of 2800+ along with the Revelation Chess Computer on this site.