For the Individual Player who wants the Challenge of Playing on The Internet with Real Pieces or the Challenge of Competing at any Chosen Level the DGT Range of e-Boards is Simply Unsurpassed.  The Selection of  e-Boards with Bluetooth Connection and the Choice of Pieces makes this Range Number 1 Worldwide.
Compatible with all Major Chess Programmes to Compete Personally and Improve Playing Strength with Individual Piece and Position Recognition 
These Bluetooth Connection Boards are the Ultimate in Convenience when Setting up.

Rosewood Bluetooth e-Board with Timeless Pieces
(-10.54%)  827.48
Rosewood Board with Timeless Pieces
Rosewood Bluetooth e-Board with Classic Pieces
(-12.17%)  874.74
Rosewood Board Including Classic Pieces
Rosewood Bluetooth e-Board with Royal Pieces
(-6.63%)  882.37
Rosewood Board including Royal Pieces
Rosewood Bluetooth e-Board with Ebony Pieces
(-3.74%)  895.26
Rosewood Board Including Ebony Pieces