Revelation II with Timeless Pieces

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Revelation II with Timeless Pieces
The Revelation II with Timeless Pieces to Meet the Demands of Chess Players of all Strengths
At the Top of it's class it's a Chess Computer with a 2800+ Rating 

Revelation II is the perfect combination of a luxurious wooden chess board and integrated chess computer system. A DGT sensor board with inlaid LED lights and the strongest commercial and freeware chess engines achieving ELO ratings of 2800+.   
Play at a real wooden board and pieces against the strongest chess engines or analyze your games. Play online or broadcast your games live via the internet.  
Optional RETRO modules available to emulate world champion engines from the past.  
Compatible with all electronic DGT chess pieces: Timeless, Classic, Royal, Ebony or Venus. 
TECHNICAL Marvell ARM Processor, 128MB DDR / 1 GB Flash Memory, Green OLED 256*64 Pixels Display, Bluetooth 2.0 Communication, Software and Firmware Upgradeable DGT SENSOR BOARD Individual Piece Recognition, Easy Setup of Positions, Innovative LED Lights, Fully functional DGT Bluetooth e-Board, Different Chess Set Options CHESS ENGINES Multi Engine, Commercial and Freeware, Configurable Engine Parameters, Bind Native PC Engines, Optional Retro Chess DIMENSIONS Board Size 67 x 61 cm, Square Size 52 x 52 mm, Board Thickness 30 mm, Side Stands Height 60 mm, Canvas Carrying Bag Included