Walnut Serial e-Board with Classic Pieces and Clock

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Walnut Serial e-Board with Classic Pieces and Clock
  • Walnut Serial e-Board with Classic Pieces and Clock
  • Walnut Serial e-Board with Classic Pieces and Clock
  • Walnut Serial e-Board with Classic Pieces and Clock
To Purchase Connection Materials for the Number of e-Boards Purchased see 
CONNECTION MATERIALS (In Serial e-Board Category)
At Checkout Order the Necessary Number of Items to Match Number of E-Board Ordered.

Note:- The Monitor is for Display Purposes Only and is Not Included
The Purpose Made DGT Canvas Carrier Bag Offers Complete Protection for the e-Board

The DGT 3000 chess clock connects to the board and the opponent’s moves are shown on the clock’s display.   
One DGT3000 Clock is Supplied with Each Board.

DGT Serial Tournament e-Board wireless connections                            
QUICK and EASY tournament set-up  
The DGT Caïssa System is a wireless way to connect serial tournament e-Boards to the computer without having to lay cables between boards and to the computer. It is compatible with all existing serial e-Boards.  
Board Module: one for each board; it connects to the board and DGT 3000 clock (underneath which is it placed) and sends information to the computer. Collector Module: one per 100 boards; it connects to the computer and receives the information from the Board Modules. Booster Module: depending on the tournament venue one or more Booster Modules may be necessary; they are positioned anywhere in the playing hall and act as amplifiers. Required if the distance between Board Modules and Collector Module is large or obstructed or if a very large number of boards is used.  
The Caïssa System is supplied in a wooden box that holds all materials to connect ten e-Boards. Use the free DGT LiveChess software to show the games live games via the internet. 
Technical specifications 
Batteries not included: Rechargeable Recommended
Batteries per board: 6x AA 1,5V
Power consumption:100mA  Battery life:  30 hours    
Warranty:  two years 
Weight & Size  
 L x W x H (Cm) Kg 
Board module 17,5 x 13,5 x2,5cm 0,4 KG
Collector module 
13.7 x 5 0 x 14 
Booster module 13  7. x 5 0, 14 
Wooden box 31 x 14,5 x 37,5  2,5    
Board Module  Booster & Collector Module 

Board Specifications 
Board size: 54 x 54 cm Board thickness 18 mm (regular size chessboard)
Square size: 55 x 55 mm (official Fide size)
King Size 95mm
Warranty: two years
Compatibility: All Windows and Apple Operating Systems. 
Driver: Included on CD
Manual: Included