Slide Gold & sliver chess set Petwer metal figures
plated with gold lead
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Slide Whole Chess set Large luxury chess set
Ion-plated Men's set
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Slide Roman Chariot The Daddies Chronograph Four Time Zone Dial Black
Ion-plated Men's Watch
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Chessmove is the lead distributor of Italfama Chess of Italy. The range of unique chess products is distributed throughout the United Kingdom from our base in Newcastle.

Our Luxury Chess Boards are handmade in select timbers of Elm, Ebony, Rosewood, Maple and other choice timbers. Included are special boards in Brass, Alabaster and many other choice materials. A special mention should be made of the Gold, Silver and Onyx range of chess boards and tables made by Italfama which is found under our Sovereign Category. The range is produced in Gold, Silver and Onyx and is truly a world exclusive. Depicting a variety of themes the pieces are produced by the ancient method of sculpting in wax in the very finest of detail by our Italian artists before being cast in solid bronze and enhanced with the gold, silver and onyx. Each piece is signed by the artist to present a piece that will not only take pride of place in any choice setting but will also become an heirloom in the years to come.

If you would like more information about our selection of Italfama chess sets and luxury chess boards for sale, please call 0191 276 1001.

See and feel the difference – and we are sure you will.