K836CM+K936TAV Napoleon (Emporar of France) v Dimitri (Russian Tzar XIV )

K836CM+K936TAV+K933ST Chess Table and Pieces Depicting Napoleons Fatal March on Moscow. King Size 55cm x 55cm x 58cm with 6.4cm Squares. This is a Made to Order Product – Please Contact our Customer Services for Further Detail.

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Product Description

K836CM+K936TAV  Exclusive Chess Table Set Numbered and Certified with Every Single Piece Signed by the Sculptor. The Set Depicts Napoleons Fatal March on Moscow 1812. This Unique Chess Table Set is cast in Bronze in the Ancient Lost Wax Casting Techniques then Finished with 24 Carat Gold. The Chess Board is made of Onyx and Tuscan Marble Finished in Bronze and Pure Gold. This Piece will be considered an Heirloom and Takes Pride of Place in any Setting.

We believe you will  ‘see and feel the difference’

Note:-  Stools are Available but are not included in this offer.

The Set is Produced by Commissioning the Artist, please Contact Customer Service for Details of Delivery.

Dimensions 550 × 550 × 580 mm