153BW+725R Solid Brass and Wood Chessmen with Burr Elm Board

153BW  Solid Brass Chessmen 9cm King with 2.8cm Base725R  Burr Elm Chessboard with Feet 52cm x 4cm with 4cm Squares

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Product Description

153BW   are Solid Brass and Wooden Chessmen produced and Satinised by Hand. Size 9cm King x 2.8 Base

725R       is a Hand Inlaid Burr Elm Board  Size 52cm x 52cm x 4cm Tall with 4cm Squares. Of Superb Depth of Colour and Hue Elm is one of the most Beautiful of Woods used for Chessboards and married together with these Solid Brass Pieces the combination will compliment any Choice Setting either for Play or Display.

We believe you will   ‘see and feel the difference’

Dimensions 520 × 520 × 40 mm